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Reinventing a Legacy Brand

for a New Generation

and Audience


• To produce an event during New York Fashion Week that brings together the                 Brother product and executives with fashion press and influencers to elevate the             sewing machine category with a newly aspirational, sleek and fashionable image

• To create BROTHER SEWS  demo and mobile lounge where top fashionista                   bloggers, influencers and celebrities organically experience the brand

• To make bloggers stars of their own videos by creating a contest for the Brother             Brand ambassador thereby increasing promotion of the product

• To develop content that could be used across media outlets including broadcast             news, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram


• Launched with #nextpertstyleXtech Twitter party (58.6 million reach)

• NEXTPERT styleXtech Mobile Lounge, branded with BROTHER SEWS, traveled               to/from fashion shows with a captive audience of top tier media and influencers           enabling them to hear Brother messages and to experience Brother sewing                     products.  The lounge put 250 top journalists in a controlled environment with a             surprise guest, Anthony Ryan Auld resulting in a 2.5 million social engagement.

• NEXTPERT styleXtech Demo Lounge attracted unpaid celebrities                                     endorsing  Brother on national TV during New York Fashion Week.  The                       excitement was captured and transformed into content for a Video News Package,         and was supplemented with print and online exposure with distribution of 4.2 million.

• Global CNN broadcast appearance by Katlean de Monchy telling the                         Brother/NYFWstory

• Video featuring Anthony Ryan Auld, Project Runway All Star who collaborated with a     student to make her dream dress, was distributed on the news, Brother website, social     media, and in sewing trade shows.

• Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, a sewing enthusiast, appeared organically in video news     package. These aired nationally and locally on CBS network and OK-TV among             numerous other broadcast outlets to reach 12.6 million.

• The styleXtech media cocktail celebration for Brother with more than 100 influencers       and members of the press proved so successful it is now an annual event. Timeline         deliveries were 11.6 million.

• Millennial Bloggers auditioned to be a Brother Brand Ambassador, boosting traffic to     the Brother website, and encouraging online engagement to reach 2.1 million.​​​​​​


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