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How Strategy Meets Creativity: Revamping B2B Marketing through Video


• To produce iconic videos presenting Marchon’s designer fashion sunglass brands (such as             Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Etro, Fendi and Nike) in unexpected, attention-grabbing ways             that would increase the number of buyers at Marchon's booth

• To distribute and show these videos on Taxi TV impactfully reaching buyers on their way to           the VisionExpo show, Marchon’s most important trade show of the year

• Create desire for Marchon with consumers as the most coveted collection of luxury sunglass         brands


• Created highly stylized videos in sync with Marchon’s DNA by:

   Collaborating with VOGUE ITALIA for a surreal, elegant "fashion meets sunglasses" piece

   Transforming trade news from their five-cover 20/20 Magazine shoot into an exciting, fast-           paced ready-for-entertainment-news segment

• Innovative, upscale videos aired on Taxi TV every 14 minutes, reaching affluent viewers,               including b2b customers traveling to the show as well as general consumers with average             household incomes of more than $250,000.

• Sales showed a powerful growth curve as booth traffic increased significantly.  These                   dynamic videos were shared extensively across a range of social platforms.


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