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Trade Show TV:  

How to expand your brand beyond the booth


• Share with consumers the news of Wilsonart’s product innovations in engineered         surfaces for commercial and residential environments known for high performance       and elevated aesthetic by producing a "TV show" directly from the trade show

• Further impress upon the target audience the brand’s commitment to prioritizing           sustainability as a responsible member of the global community

• Devise and implement a communications approach that could be executed without       disrupting business during KBIS, a critical trade show for Wilsonart

• Go beyond the traditional  b2b showcasing product exclusively to industry people       at the show... Create desire and presell to the general consumer by giving them a         sneak peak of their new products 

•  Saturate online, TV and social media with Wilsonart messages to make brand top       of mind with consumers and buyers during a vital selling time


• A trending Twitter party reached 16 million generating vast social chatter attaching      immediate relevancy to Wilsonart.

• Multilingual messages communicated on social, broadcast, and digital, to impact a       diverse audience and demonstrably penetrated the Hispanic market, a key                   demographic for Wilsonart.

• With TV exposure occurring on CNN as well as on news stations nationwide, a total     audience of 22 million was reached.  


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