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LG Styler Mobile Media Lounge at New York City’s Fashion Week



• Build awareness and media coverage for the new LG Styler offering hands on                 experience with the product in buzzworthy settings


• Provide a convenient way for press, bloggers and influencers to travel from show to         show in a luxury bus outfitted with 49 screens - creating a captive audience for LG           content and messaging

• Demonstrate how the LG Styler can “work for people while they work out” with               celebrity trainer Kacy Duke combining affluent influencers with media in a hands on         Sculpt + Groove workout

• Production of a video news package, featuring celebrities organically engaged, to           share highlights of NEXTPERT’S styleXtech Demo and Mobile Lounge with a focus on       the LG Styler


• LG’s message of fashion technology innovation secured multi-channel exposure totaling    104.1 million including the experiential NEXTPERT styleXtech Demo and Mobile               Lounge, the kick-off Twitter event and a Video News Package which aired on globally       on CNN, CLIX, nationally on Fox Tech Take as well as on local news programs.

• Katlean De Monchy, appearing on CNN globally, created a feature story                       about LG's innovation as she bridged the gap between fashion and tech.

• As the media community attending NYFW and participating in the NEXTPERT                 styleXtech Mobile Lounge traveled back and forth, they learned more about LG in the       Mobile Lounge. 15 million people shared the LG message of tech innovation and             fashion based on this experience.

• Celebrities and influencers attended the demo lounge with celebrity trainer Kacy Duke,     appeared in photos that they shared through their own social networks, and became       part of the video aligning LG with the glamour of New York Fashion Week.


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