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Who We Are 

We are integrative thinkers with a strategic sense and eye for what makes news and promotes brands 

led by a global media influencer. 





Tech Prescient · Collaborative Amplifiers  · TastePerfectionists  · Natively Multicultural 



A global influencer and Founder and CEO of Nextpert.  The daughter of a diplomat and natively trilingual from an early age, she is a visionary who sees the world through a unique multi-cultural lens.  


As a producer she has pioneered translating brand DNA into content narrative for the media. This includes the creation of the first co-op satellite media tour which integrated products as part of the news story, generating visibility and increased sales for her clients.  Kat merged technology with style and fashion through trend setting Twitter parties and building the first mobile media lounge to transport media while showcasing new tech from multiple brands.


As a tastemaker, Kat has built her social influence over many years of involvement with communities ranging from the one percenters in the Hamptons to Girls Who Code.  For over 15 years, she was the voice of “Kat’s Eye” in Dan’s Papers, column that chronicled the social life of the Hamptons and most recently the new owner of (#1 Google ranked site for the Hamptons).


Recognizing the current cultural movement of people over 45 who pivot to follow new career and personal paths as they age, Katlean is creating a new platform, Perennial People, which is transforming the narrative through podcasts, videos and experiences to reinvent this vital marketplace.


Her ability to unite her inside track in the social world to her keen knowledge of what’s next from style to technology makes her an enormous resource for brands seeking to tell their stories through a unique voice within the increasingly competitive media landscape. 

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