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How to take a few dry scientific facts and turn it into

a lifestyle story with

broad consumer appeal


• Take a small study on animals that demonstrated how maple syrup might be a             healthier sweetener than refined sugar and get extensive TV coverage and social         media exposure without full-fledged clinical trials and proof from the medical               community

• Build credibility for Maple Syrup from Canada as a healthy alternative sweetener         through the voices of experts at the American Chemical Society 

• Create a Video News Package hosted by lifestyle reporter Katlean De Monchy and       distribute it to TV stations nationwide 


• Even without full scientific proof, the target audience of caring moms as well as the       medical community were receptive to the idea of Maple Syrup from Canada as a         healthier sweetener. 

• Top researchers at the annual meeting of The American Chemical Society spoke on       camera adding value to the message and driving broadcast coverage in the               medical community. 

• 3.6 million viewers were reached with our Video News Package. 

• A Twitter party with  Mommy Bloggers and Influencers sparked a trending                   dialogue on Maple Syrup from Canada expanding to 21.6 million.

• With a  total reach of 25.3 million that would have cost $235,000 in advertising,       Maple Syrup of Canada's market share was markedly increased for a fraction of         the price. 


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